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Renewal Ceremonies
  Renewal of Vows                                                                                                                                                          
  Many people like to celebrate a special anniversary or celebrate a union abroad with a renewal of their vows.  Of course, the Renewal of Vows ceremony is just suitable for couples at any 
  point in   their relationship.  Often these ceremonies are associated with a special wedding anniversary such as a tenth, twenty-fifth etc. 
  It is sometimes particularly relevant to those who have been through a difficult period and have put a strain on their relationship but wish to celebrate their renewed commitment to each


Baptism, Blessings & Naming Ceremonies
Naming/Blessing Ceremonies
A Naming Ceremony is a very special way of celebrating the birth of your child and welcoming the new arrival into the family and the wider community. It is also ideally suited to welcome and celebrate an adoptive child into the family or to embrace stepchildren into a new family. It is a perfect way to bond a family unit.

It's also an opportunity to declare before family and friends, your promises to be as good a parent as you can, and for adult friends or relatives to confirm their special relationship with your child and to appoint godparents.

A Naming Ceremony is a unique occasion for everyone to feel involved as they pledge their love and support for your child's future development.
Baptism is the practice of anointing the child into the parents' faiths and beliefs until the child is of age to accept his/her own responsibility. It is a public sign of the dedication of a life to a specific philosophy.
There are several ways in which a child may be baptized, water being the usual variance. Water is a sign of cleansing the soul of any bad energies and rebirthing the soul to a pure state.
Your Baptism may include some similar qualities to that of a naming ceremony.
House Blessings

I love being part of a blessing ceremony. House blessings are wonderful because they fill a home with a light and a joyful feeling.
Whether you are moving into a new house or taking over an old house with it's own history, a House Blessing could be just the thing tyou need to bring your own positive enrgy in.
Sometimes when an established house is sold because of a partnership dissolving, it can have a sense of sadness. We can work together to create a powerful and satisfying ceremony and the feeling in the house will positively change.

By working together we maximize our positive energy and the difference is amazing. It’s a way to acknowledge important milestones in our life and celebrate them.

It can also be healing for those involved and is a deeply uplifting experience. It can be fun, wacky or sacred but it will definitely be uplifting.

Contact me if you have some ideas and we can work on them together.